Tulips everywhere! I love driving down the street and seeing tulips everywhere this spring.  I’ve not really noticed them in prior years, but this year they seem to be everywhere I look.  Apparently the cities around here all got really good deals on large quantities of tulips.  For all I know, they have been doing […]

365 Project 2013 — 20130311 Flower

  There is something so beautiful about flowers, the designs, the colors.  The next lens on my wish list is a macro lens.  I really cannot create great close-up images of flowers until I have one.  But I do love the bright colors of this image — makes you want to smile automatically, doesn’t it? […]

365 Project 2013 — 20130305 New Lens!

I received my much-anticipated new lens on the 5th!  The image below is the first image I captured with it.  I found a Nikon 43-86mm f3.5 AI lens online for $19.00 — quite a steal, in my opinion.  They’re usually around $50-$60, so when I saw this one for $19.00, I pounced.  I’ve been wanting […]

365 Project 2013 — 20130302 Flowers

One of the flower arrangements I saw the other day was just so beautiful that I wanted to capture some of its detail.  This is just a small section of the arrangement, but I love the mix of colors and the different flowers.  This was taken out in bright sunlight, so there are some shadows, […]

365 Project 2013 — 20130227 Tulips

Everywhere we look there are tulips!  Addison is abloom with red and yellow tulips everywhere — they’re gorgeous. Stopped the other day to try to capture some images, and when I was looking through them later on the computer, I didn’t like many of the photos I’d taken.  I am going to try to go […]