Dragonflies by the pond

Today I captured some images of dragonflies, something I have been trying to do for awhile.  I was pleased with these, considering they’re handheld.  Today was such a beautiful spring day here in North Texas — 73 degrees and sunny.  🙂  Then we went to another local neighborhood pond where I captured the images of the crane as he was flying from end of the pond to the other.  Enjoy!



Came across some darling babies today — and I was so happy I had my 18-270mm lens with me!  I managed to get quite close still, and with the 270mm, was able to get some great images without scaring them away.

I just love spring time!  🙂

Weekly Challenge: Up!

Such a fun challenge!

Today I spent time at one of my favorite local neighborhood ponds totally enjoying the beautiful 70-degree weather, along with a million other people!  🙂

So as I was sitting there, thinking about the challenges for this week, I realized that I was staring at the moon through the tree branches.  Perfect!


Then, a bit later, I saw a small airplane coming into Addison Airport, and managed to capture this image of it.



I know these are pretty literal translations of “Up,” but these were what came to mind today.  Enjoy!


Here’s the original Weekly Challenge blog:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/weekly-photo-challenge-up-2/





Travel Theme: Benches

Benches — what wonderful places to just sit and contemplate life for a bit, watching the world go by (or nature or wildlife or birds, et cetera!).

One of my favorite places to enjoy is Farmers Branch’s “City in a Park” where they have beautiful rose bushes of every color, along with an old cemetery, a children’s playground, a pavilion, and a small creek with ducks all close together.  Their park benches are pretty standard, except for their theme cut out of the backs.

20130414_0100_Wattersford 20130414_0118_Wattersford

This beautiful bench is located inside The Heard Nature Preserve in McKinney, Texas.  This was captured last fall at the end of the butterfly season.  What a restive place to contemplate life!  🙂

2012 09 30_086-The Heard

This is another bench at The Heard Nature Preserve — this cute guy just had to be included in this post about benches…

2012 09 30_208-The Heard

This is one of a pair of chairs (does this count for a post about park benches?) that I saw in a residential neighborhood in McKinney, Texas.  I just thought the backs of these were ornate and beautiful to look at, especially viewed against the backdrop of the grasses on the edge of the pond.


And my favorite images for last…  This is located at the A.W. Perry Homestead in Carrollton TX.  The bluebonnets are in bloom and it was just a gorgeous setting.

20130414_0012_Perry Homestead 20130414_0065_Perry Homestead

Please visit:  http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/04/12/travel-theme-benches/

A Change in Weather Creates Beauty

This morning was beautiful!  Of course, it was raining and only 40 degrees, after 70 degrees and sunny yesterday, but it was looked great to me with my camera in hand.  I stopped by one of my favorite ponds and found that the water must have been warmer than the air today and there was a wonderful light fog lifting from the water.  These are some of my favorite images from this morning and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Easter at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco TX

So this year my mother and I met my brother and his family at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco since it is pretty much halfway between Austin where they live and Dallas where we live.  It was a dark morning drive down from Dallas, with skies that were dark and foreboding the entire drive.  We even had spats of rain on the trip.  When we pulled into the parking lot at the zoo, we were questioning whether it was a good idea to go in or not since the skies were still pretty dark.  Well, the clouds disappeared and we had an absolutely gorgeous day at the zoo.  My nephews Jeremy and Owen had a blast and I got some great images of everyone and the animals.  Here are a few of my favorites from this Easter get-together.

20130331_0001_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0008_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0003_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0031_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0045_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0064_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0126_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0103_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0155_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0151_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0188_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0209_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0254_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0342_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0351_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0356_Cameron Park Zoo

If you have the chance, please visit Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX.  It is one of the better zoos we’ve been to, and although smaller than the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos, it is very, very well done.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Color — This challenge was answered today when I was capturing images for another challenge (bugs, bees, and creepy crawlies).  When I was processing today’s images, I realized that this little (tiny!) bug stood out with the bright red coloring against the stone it was on.  I really liked the “pop” of color, so this is my response to this week’s photo challenge.

20130408_0070_creepy Crawlies


Tulips everywhere!


I love driving down the street and seeing tulips everywhere this spring.  I’ve not really noticed them in prior years, but this year they seem to be everywhere I look.  Apparently the cities around here all got really good deals on large quantities of tulips.  For all I know, they have been doing this every spring for years and years and I’ve just not noticed.  Now that I am a photographer, I “see” things that I’ve not seen in the past.

I drove past these and turned in and went back through the parking lot to be able to get out and photograph them.  I absolutely love how they look with the white flowers interspersed throughout.


Birthday Party!

20130317_0002_Jeremy's BDay Party

My nephew turned 6 this past Tuesday and we all celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese on the 17th.  The kids all had such a good time, running around, playing games, following Chuck E. Cheese when he headed off for dancing and free tickets.  It was not as painful as I remember going was when my own were young enough to go.  Maybe it was more fun this time since I was not the “responsible parent in charge,” as I told my sister-in-law afterwards.  🙂  I had a good time following the birthday boy and his friends, as well as his younger brother, around the place seeing what games they really liked and what games they steered clear of.  Watching them all form a train behind Chuck E. Cheese and follow him around the entire play area to an open area in the front where he led all the kids in a dance and then threw a tray full of tickets into the air for everyone to grab as many as they could was just as much fun for the adults as it was for the children!