Playground Time with Charlotte

  This morning this darling little girl stopped me in my tracks at one of the local parks.  What a cutie!  Up the steps, down the slide.  Up the steps, down the slide.  She was having a great time with her mom watching her go ’round and ’round.  Made me think about my kiddos years […]

Fun with Neighbors

Wednesday I took the two girls that live near us for a photo shoot of their own — they were great!  The two of them spent time coming up with their own poses and suggesting poses for each other, they listened when I asked them to turn or move a little one way or another, […]

Easter at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco TX

So this year my mother and I met my brother and his family at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco since it is pretty much halfway between Austin where they live and Dallas where we live.  It was a dark morning drive down from Dallas, with skies that were dark and foreboding the entire drive.  We […]

Birthday Party!

My nephew turned 6 this past Tuesday and we all celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese on the 17th.  The kids all had such a good time, running around, playing games, following Chuck E. Cheese when he headed off for dancing and free tickets.  It was not as painful as I remember going was when my […]

365 Project 2013 — 20130224 Learning to ride a bike

We went to one of our many local parks Sunday afternoon and just sat and enjoyed the weather (70 degrees in February!) and people watched. There was a little boy learning to ride his bike not too far from us and it was a joy to watch him and his mother.  I can remember when […]