Daily Prompt: Green-eyed Monster

Today’s Daily Prompt:  “Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship? 

Photographers, show us something GREEN.”

Since I’m a photographer and don’t really want to examine all the old feelings and issues that the other topic would bring up right now, here are a few images I’ve captured of “green-eyed monsters” recently.  🙂

This snake was lounging at the Dallas Zoo, just staring at everyone staring at it.  Absolutely beautiful coloring!

20130203_245_Dallas Zoo

Here’s an owl from Eaglefest this past January in Emory, TX.  I know his eyes look kind of yellow, but I thought it would fit into this theme just fine still.  🙂


Again, this lorikeet’s eye looks yell0w-greenish also, but the rest of his feathers makes up for it with their brilliant green colors (and I just had to include the second Lorikeet image since they were so cute!).  These were also taken at the Dallas Zoo  when I visited this spring.

Being in the enclosure with all the Lorikeets flying around, landing on you, pecking at your fingers, hair, ears, clothing, and everything was a first-time experience for me — and I absolutely loved it.  Can’t wait to take my daughter there this summer so she can experience it as well.  The only downfall was that one actually had good enough aim to poop on my camera lens!  Good thing everything’s washable…

20130203_085_Dallas Zoo 20130203_078_Dallas Zoo

You can find the original Daily Prompt here.


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