Travel Theme: Benches

Benches — what wonderful places to just sit and contemplate life for a bit, watching the world go by (or nature or wildlife or birds, et cetera!).

One of my favorite places to enjoy is Farmers Branch’s “City in a Park” where they have beautiful rose bushes of every color, along with an old cemetery, a children’s playground, a pavilion, and a small creek with ducks all close together.  Their park benches are pretty standard, except for their theme cut out of the backs.

20130414_0100_Wattersford 20130414_0118_Wattersford

This beautiful bench is located inside The Heard Nature Preserve in McKinney, Texas.  This was captured last fall at the end of the butterfly season.  What a restive place to contemplate life!  🙂

2012 09 30_086-The Heard

This is another bench at The Heard Nature Preserve — this cute guy just had to be included in this post about benches…

2012 09 30_208-The Heard

This is one of a pair of chairs (does this count for a post about park benches?) that I saw in a residential neighborhood in McKinney, Texas.  I just thought the backs of these were ornate and beautiful to look at, especially viewed against the backdrop of the grasses on the edge of the pond.


And my favorite images for last…  This is located at the A.W. Perry Homestead in Carrollton TX.  The bluebonnets are in bloom and it was just a gorgeous setting.

20130414_0012_Perry Homestead 20130414_0065_Perry Homestead

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