Easter at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco TX

So this year my mother and I met my brother and his family at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco since it is pretty much halfway between Austin where they live and Dallas where we live.  It was a dark morning drive down from Dallas, with skies that were dark and foreboding the entire drive.  We even had spats of rain on the trip.  When we pulled into the parking lot at the zoo, we were questioning whether it was a good idea to go in or not since the skies were still pretty dark.  Well, the clouds disappeared and we had an absolutely gorgeous day at the zoo.  My nephews Jeremy and Owen had a blast and I got some great images of everyone and the animals.  Here are a few of my favorites from this Easter get-together.

20130331_0001_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0008_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0003_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0031_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0045_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0064_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0126_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0103_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0155_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0151_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0188_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0209_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0254_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0342_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0351_Cameron Park Zoo 20130331_0356_Cameron Park Zoo

If you have the chance, please visit Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX.  It is one of the better zoos we’ve been to, and although smaller than the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos, it is very, very well done.  🙂


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