Weekly Challenge: Lost in the Details

I was out at the Farmers Branch Historical Park a while ago and just love photographing the old buildings that they’ve collected and restored/preserved there from the areas surrounding Dallas.  I took this shot of the Victorian house there, but it didn’t really do anything for me.

Queen Anne Victorian House

Victorian House

I wanted more details.  🙂  So I walked up onto the beautiful porch and looked at the picture it presented.  After deciding which angle I wanted to get, where people would still know what it was in the photo, but could appreciate the details, I captured this image.

Porch -- Victorian House

Porch — Victorian House

20130216_019_Farmers Branch

I love the details of this door, as well as the reflection of the trees outside the house in the glass.  You can still see the siding, the chairs, and the table and it evokes that sense of time gone by still.

I find in a lot of my photography that going in closer actually creates better (imho) images because it draws the viewer in deeper, since there’s a clear subject then.

Farmers Branch Historical Park:  https://www.farmersbranch.info/play/historical-park


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