365 Project 2013 — 20130224 Learning to ride a bike

We went to one of our many local parks Sunday afternoon and just sat and enjoyed the weather (70 degrees in February!) and people watched. There was a little boy learning to ride his bike not too far from us and it was a joy to watch him and his mother.  I can remember when […]

Worked on keeping my hands steady for some close-up captures today

I have a wonderful walkabout lens — the Tamron 18-270mm variable aperture lens.  I sometimes have a hard time getting really clear, sharp shots holding it instead of using a tripod, and I rarely haul around my tripod when I’m just walking around.  I spent some time today really focusing on keeping still while shooting […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

I had to sit and really think about what I wanted to post for this weekly challenge, and I decided that this photo was “Forward” to me, leading to something in front of me.  There are SO many different ways to interpret this single word, but I wanted something that was very straightforward and everyone […]