Sony A6000 — Manual vs. Auto Settings

I’m loving the Sony A6000 mirrorless camera.  I have passed down my Nikon D5100 to my daughter.  🙂  After a tumultuous start with it, I’ve decided that I really like it.  I was having trouble with it the first time I took it out, but I was using the “recommended” settings that I had seen on several Web sites.  Well, let me tell you, I went right back to what I knew were the correct settings for what I needed!  I shoot almost everything in manual, in RAW.  While the auto settings on this camera are quite good, I seem to have better luck with the manual settings as I think they should be.

One of my favorite “features” of this camera is its size — I truly can carry it with me everywhere now.  The size of this camera and its lenses is about half of my “small” Nikon D5100 and lenses.  I have no problems carrying the Sony A6000 in my normal purses and if I see someplace I want to stop at, I can.

These were taken during my last visit to John F. Burke Nature Preserve in Farmers Branch TX.  Love the diversity of the insects I’m able to find every time I go there.

201505_0427_John F Burke

20150504_0347_John F Burke


Early Riser

I noticed as I was sitting drinking my coke (yes, Coca-Cola, not coffee…) that these darling little birds kept landing on our fence and the morning sunlight was perfect with the trees behind them. By the time I grabbed my camera and headed out, they were gone. I had to be patient and wait for about ten minutes before another landed on the fence in just the right spot where I wanted him. 🙂 But worth the wait, I think!


Playground Time with Charlotte



This morning this darling little girl stopped me in my tracks at one of the local parks.  What a cutie!  Up the steps, down the slide.  Up the steps, down the slide.  She was having a great time with her mom watching her go ’round and ’round.  Made me think about my kiddos years ago when they were this young.  I miss playground time.

Daily Prompt: RSVP (Celebration) — Birthday Celebration!

Daily Prompt:  RSVP

“Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?  Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRATION. “

We had several of the family members together to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday a couple of years ago — it was a great CELEBRATION of his life!

10 07 18 (67)

Daily Prompt: Four Stars (Life) — My daughter!

The original Daily Prompt can be found here:  Daily Prompt:  Four Stars (Life)

No matter what else I accomplish in this life, this is the most important — my daughter.  She’s growing up to be a wonderful, warm-hearted, funny, fun-loving, beautiful – inside and out – young lady.

There are days that I would give my life a one-star rating, but then I have her as a wonderful reminder that I truly have a five-star life.




20130604_0055_Golf 20130602_0030_Frankford


Daily Prompt: Green-eyed Monster

Today’s Daily Prompt:  “Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship? 

Photographers, show us something GREEN.”

Since I’m a photographer and don’t really want to examine all the old feelings and issues that the other topic would bring up right now, here are a few images I’ve captured of “green-eyed monsters” recently.  🙂

This snake was lounging at the Dallas Zoo, just staring at everyone staring at it.  Absolutely beautiful coloring!

20130203_245_Dallas Zoo

Here’s an owl from Eaglefest this past January in Emory, TX.  I know his eyes look kind of yellow, but I thought it would fit into this theme just fine still.  🙂


Again, this lorikeet’s eye looks yell0w-greenish also, but the rest of his feathers makes up for it with their brilliant green colors (and I just had to include the second Lorikeet image since they were so cute!).  These were also taken at the Dallas Zoo  when I visited this spring.

Being in the enclosure with all the Lorikeets flying around, landing on you, pecking at your fingers, hair, ears, clothing, and everything was a first-time experience for me — and I absolutely loved it.  Can’t wait to take my daughter there this summer so she can experience it as well.  The only downfall was that one actually had good enough aim to poop on my camera lens!  Good thing everything’s washable…

20130203_085_Dallas Zoo 20130203_078_Dallas Zoo

You can find the original Daily Prompt here.

Travel Theme: Beaches

Who doesn’t have wonderful beach photos to share?  We visit Vero Beach, Florida regularly and here are a few of my favorites from the past couple of years.  I hope you get the same sense of peace and power that I get when I see the ocean!

This is the first sunrise of 2013.  My son Jesse and I got up early to greet the new year’s beginning on the beach there.  It was great mother-son time that we enjoyed.


Same beach, my kiddos and my nephews.



This little guy was hilarious to watch… he had tried to get my nephew’s shirt several times and this time we were not watching close enough and he almost succeeded!


And had to add this perfect little city beach in Pflugerville, Texas where the ducks swam with us.

10 08 01 (12)

Here’s the link to the original post for this week’s Travel Theme of Beaches:

Fun with Neighbors

Wednesday I took the two girls that live near us for a photo shoot of their own — they were great!  The two of them spent time coming up with their own poses and suggesting poses for each other, they listened when I asked them to turn or move a little one way or another, and we all had a wonderful afternoon — and their mother got  a little break!  🙂